Isle of Arran Distillery


Arran Single Malt starts its life as Scottish rainwater at Loch Na Davie in the hills high
above the distillery.
The clear water cascades down the Easan Biorach burn through six waterfalls, each one
purifying the water further.
The purity of our water allows us to create a clean, sweet dram which is entirely

We never add spirit caramel or chill-filter our whisky. It is bottled in its unadulterated, purest form.
We bottle at 46% ABV which means our Single Malt stands up well to dilution.
“We make whisky the old way. It’s not the easiest or the cheapest way, but in our opinion it’s the best.”

What is Chill-Filtration?

Chill-Filtration is a process that strips out fatty proteins and esters from a whisky, by lowering its temperature to between 0C ̊ and -10C ̊ then passing it through a fine filter.
This is done purely for cosmetic reasons, as it prevents the whisky from becoming cloudy when it gets cold, or when ice or cold water are added.
It also means that the whisky’s character is either diminished or lost altogether.
We believe all whisky tastes better before undergoing this unnecessarily reductive process. We never chill-filter.

What is caramel colouring?

Caramel colouring (E-150a) is an artificial colouring, which is added to whisky to make it darker and give the impression of an older, more valuable spirit

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